Welcome! I’m an amateur owner. I try to balance riding with the other things I enjoy in life – family, art, photography, cooking, reading, and gardening. This blog is about my juggling act.

I’m an adult rider, having spent my life on horses. I have a background in pony club, hunter/jumpers, and a touch of dressage. Like many equestrians of my generation, my childhood meant showing in hunter and equitation classes, doing lower level dressage, going swimming bareback when the heat made it unbearable to ride in the ring, trail riding with your friends and jumping the rolled-up hay bales (or any other obstacle you could find), and foxhunting in the fields – all on the same pony.

Adult riding looks more like this: I shut down my computer at exactly 5:00p, rush to the barn (often changing clothes while driving), brush the horse, jump on for a quick ride, hope the horse didn’t get too hot so the cool down can be shorter, brush the horse again, and jump in the car for home. Sometimes, when I can find cracks, I have a family, I’m an artist, I like to cook, I garden, and I love to read and write. Oh, and I work.

It’s worth it, isn’t it?

Email me at amateurowner@gmail.com.

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